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Jessie from A Little Bit Of Both came to me and asked if she could give away some of her customized blocks that she usually makes for family and friends! I said yes of course because they are super cute and perfect for babies or toddlers even. Here is what she is giving away:

Super cute! 

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a note & giveaway winners


hey everyone. recently I've decided I need to not necessarily quit blogging, but to not blog so often and not spend so much time with blogging. I've just been going through things and it's time to take a break and come back to blogging only when I feel like it. This was a hard decision because I love blogging so much, but some people just make you want to quit and it's come to that point. I'll blog at times and I'll still be around commenting on blogs and checking up on everyone. I'll still be writing reviews on my book blog and being active on twitter and pinterest. I thought about deleting this blog but I know I've worked way too hard to just have it disappear. Actually this is a part of how I feel.

 I will not be accepting anymore sponsors. I have one new sponsor next month and she is amazing.  There will also be no more "Wednesday Wishes" You can all definitely participate in it though!I I will definitely be sharing her with you all! I love everyone who I have had the opportunity to "meet" and hopefully I will get to meet some of you in person someday. This is not the end to blogging, I just need a very long break and the chance to blog only when I want. I hope you all understand and realize I need to take time for not only myself but for my family.

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I'm at As We Grow today answering questions about being a momma!

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an emergency room trip.

Last Saturday, my parents, Little One, and I took a drive to Concord, NC to see the downtown area. It was a cute area and we even saw the restaurant that is going to cater the wedding:

super cute!

After that we decided to go to IKEA to see if we could find any root beer float  cups. The whole time Little One was trying to run away from us and she didn't want to listen and follow directions. We had to keep pulling her up off of the floor and she was resisting of course. Well, my mom tried to pull her up when we were checking out because she was on the floor again and I guess she was being pulled too much by everyone else that her elbow dislocated. (We finally learned this was common in kids though) She was screaming like she was in pain and wouldn't move her arm. At first I just thought it would fix itself because nothing seemed to be broken and she wasn't crying too much at one point until we got home and she was screaming her head off again every time I tried to move her arm to put her pajamas on. 

So, my dad took Little One and I to the ER. Mom felt horrible but I knew she would be just fine because by the time we got to the ER she was happy from the ice cream I gave her and was just walking around all fine & dandy. She still was holding her arm by her side and not moving it, but sometimes she would move it and not notice. We were in the ER for 3 hours until 12:30am. She had an X-ray done and that's pretty much it. They eventually told us that it was Nursemaid's Elbow it's super easy to fix by yourslef and by the end of the night she was leaning on her arm and just fine as she was all day. It must have popped back in at some point.

She was so sleepy of course because it was 4 hours past her bedtime by the time we got home. After this picture was taken though, she was having so much fun in the hospital room checking everything out. It was a long day, but I'm glad she's okay and everything went fine. I'm extra glad that everyone in the hospital was so so nice! 

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! :)

Sponsor Giveaway: Bohemian Backbone (CLOSED)


You all are going to LOVE this giveaway. It's from Keri and her husband who own the cutest shop, Bohemian Backbone.

Isn't she so cute with her Bohemian Backbone skirt!?

Anywho, they are giving away a $25 virtual gift card to the shop!

How to Enter:
To enter you MUST register with Bohemian Backbone. You can click HERE to do so or go to Bohemian Backbone and click on Register in the upper right corner. Once you do so, come back and comment with your favorite item!

hit the +1 button or the facebook like button on your favorite item. (these are located right above the add to my bag button) then comment here saying you did!


Sponsor Love!


Click on the picture to go to their wonderful blog!

They are the best! If you'd like to sponsor Bright Wishes, email me at !

Book Blogging


Before I started this blog, I was a book blogger at a blog I called "Cupcake Queen Book Reviews" It was the best title I could come up with at that time. Then I started this blog and stopped reading so much. I really miss reading and am starting to get back into it. I transferred all of my reviews over to my new book blog, "Bright Wishes Book Reviews" I know, I'm so clever with these titles. Anyways, I love to review Young Adult Literature. It's my favorite because it can take me away and imagine another world! I also love all the cute teen romances. Yesterday I spent most of the day redesigning the blog to look amazing and I am honestly in love with what I came up with. It's one of my favorite designs!  I still have some work to do with putting up more information in the tabs and what not, but I hope you'll go take a look and follow me over there :)

UPrinting Giveaway! (CLOSED)


I am so excited to bring all you moms and brides to be or anyone really a giveaway for 250 flyers from UPrinting which are perfect for save the dates, birthday invitations, and more! See the details below :)
250pcs. Flyers for one winner
4.25" x 5.5", 4" x 6"
14pt Cardstock Gloss, Front Only Printing,
nightclub flyer templates and business flyer templates also available for download
3 Business Days Turnaround, *Free Shipping
Restriction: Limited to *US residents 18 years old and above only.
The contest will end July 27th!

To enter:
Leave a comment below of what you'd use your flyers for (be sure to leave your email!) 

*This giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given and I will receive night club flyers for hosting. For more information about flyers, please visit

Life-n-Reflection Giveaway (CLOSED)

I'm so excited to announce this week's giveaway! It's from Kristy (one of my fabulous sponsors) who owns Life-n-Reflection Boutique.  Here's a little more about herself and her shop:

Bio: I've been wrapped up in photography and graphic design since my first experience with a digital camera. I thrive in exploring every aspect of where photography meets design. I love to create with texture and color found along our countryside. On the blog I share party, nursery, wedding, and photography inspiration. In the boutique I design templates and textures for Momtographers and Photographers!

About the Boutique: Life-n-Reflection Boutique is a photographer's "candy shop" filled with designer templates and textures! 
Portrait Photographers- make your sales a breeze and stand out with our designer marketing sets! 
Moms- check out our card templates - perfect for any occasion, simply add your text and images! 
Photoshop Junkies- Learn how to be a texture masters with free lessons in the Classroom [].


Here's what she's giving away:

Custom Birthday Invitations - a value of $14.99

um cute much?

Add your own text to turn templates into a card for just about any occasion!
• 1 5×7 inch Card File
• Easily add your own text
• Just drop your image into the template and re-size as needed
• Designed at 300 dpi in RGB/8bit color for quality printing
• Compatible with all Photoshop, Elements, and Gimp
If you're not savvy with editing, no worries. Ask for a Custom Design and send your photos and text for a complete ready to print file!!

How to Enter
Visit the shop and come back and comment telling me what your favorite card design is. 

Tweet this giveaway! Be sure to include @brightwishes and @lifenreflection or it won't count.

There will be 2 winners and will end July 27th.

Wednesday Wishes (34)


ONE. Chocolate Covered Bananas

TWO. Search for Home Ideas
We'll be getting an apartment after we're married, so it's time to start thinking of ways to make it really cute and not just like we're staying there temporarily. I really want to be it a cozy place.

THREE. Harry Potter Part 2
I so badly want to see this..of course who doesn't?

FOUR. Marker Board for Programs
I think this would save money plus it's really cute!


Remember to take one of the Wednesday Wishes button on the sidebar and put it into your post if you're participating. Also, don't forget to link up below!

Root Beer Floats and Art (Help!)


Ever since I got back from the beach, I've been on a roll getting wedding things done. One thing that I can't seem to figure out is the root beer floats that Mr. Charming and I really want at the wedding. It's important to us and significant. Our caterer would gladly help us with them, but we need to provide the ice cream, root beer, and cups. 

We are already buying mason jars for everyone to drink out of, but I don't want to use those for the root beer floats too because I feel like if they want to drink water or lemonade out of them and then have a root beer float, it'd be nasty. I guess I could just buy more mason jars, but that'd just mean more money to spend on two mason jars for each person. I'm kind of in a twist about all of this. I really wanted the old soda fountain root beer float cups and I'm sure not everyone will have a root beer float. I just can't seem to find any cheap cups!

So, that's where you come in and I'm asking for your help if you have any suggestions or ideas! You guys are always the first people I think of with this stuff because at least one person always has a solution.  Also, see that canvas art in the picture? It's so cute and I'm thinking of getting one except I have no idea who does that and for cheap. see, I'm all about the cheap!

Thanks guys!! 

Beach Trip 2011


I'm back! We got back yesterday afternoon-ish from the beach and we had lots of fun. Of course it wasn't as fun as if Mr. Charming could be there. He was there last year and it was different this year, but it was still nice to go on a vacation.  Here are some pictures!

F.Y.I all these pictures are from straight out of the camera. I forgot to edit them and am way too tired to go back and redo it all :)

my sister and her tan self!

all bathed and watching Strawberry Shortcake!

Now it's back to reality: finishing school and wedding planning!
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