Weekly Obsession [Do It by Selena Gomez]

I'm in love with this new single from Selena Gomez. I'm really liking her new upbeat and mature sound. Of course if you listen to the lyrics you can tell what she's talking about and I think it's very courageous of her to put herself out there. Check out the new song below. 

Download her new CD "For You" here!


Lane and Her Disney Friends

I saw this story and I knew I had to let you guys know. The mom of a little girl named Lane makes dresses and costumes for her to wear to Disney World. They are so detailed and cute. She uses all recycled material and finds most things at thrift shops. 

They go to Disney at least once or twice a week (I wish!) and many of the characters know Lane and hang out with her when she visits. To say I'm a bit jealous is an understatement. This little girl has amazing dresses AND she gets to go to Disney all the time. 

Check out some of her outfits below. You can check out the Instagram page as well as the Tumblr page. The videos are so cute.

A photo posted by Lane the Wee One (@ferdalump) on

A photo posted by Lane the Wee One (@ferdalump) on

Don't tell anyone I spent about an hour going through her Instagram. She's so adorable!  



I have a bit of a YouTube obsession. Grace and Mamrie are two of my absolute favorite. They just came out with their new show HeyUSA where they traveled to 8 different cities last summer and asked their twitter followers what they should do and they did them!

Check out all of the episodes HERE.

My favorite moments are definitely when they ran with the bulls, hung out with a drag queen, and went to a bourbon factory! I am so excited because in November my friend Kelly and I get to go see their "This Might Get Weird Ya'll" show! 
"Keep your bung up and your bourbon down!" 


Festivals and Pumpkins

love that I captured her genuine laugh

A couple weekends ago we were told that Little One's art was picked to be an entry in the art show at an annual festival in our city. She was so excited. Little one LOVES anything to do with art. She could sit all day and color, draw, and write. We were surprised when we arrived at the festival and saw that she won second place in her age group! 

We also went to a pumpkin patch last weekend. They had corn mazes, a slide coming down from a fire truck, water pumps, and more!

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