Sickick Music


I recently found out about this new EDM artist, Sickick, through iiSuperwomanii on YouTube. He took a silly freestyle rap song and made it an original. I was curious, so I took a look at the rest of his videos and I think they are pretty, well.. sick ;)

We don't know what Sickick's face look like and you sometimes see his mouth but I like the mysteriousness of it. I also like how, even though, his main genre is EDM, he still brings out his acoustic guitar and actually sings his own songs. Take a look at some of his work below:

6 E-courses you MUST try!


I'm a huge fan of e-courses! It's a great way to learn pretty much anything right from someone whose work you admire. Here are some courses and sets that I would love to try out. 

These girls have a lot of blog based courses from Photoshop to Blogging.

Because duh!

Susannah has life e-courses and blogging e-courses.

Ashley takes amazing photos and I love her blog, Under the Sycamore

I've been a huge fan of these girls and so excited this course is coming at the end of February

These are more geared towards creative entrepreneurs, but I've heard great things!

Let me know if you know of any fun courses!

Printable Play Sets


Last week, we were all off of work and school due to snow ICE. It was nice to just relax and only have 3 more days until the weekend. During the morning, I found some cute free printables and we played for awhile. I printed them from Learn Create Love. She has all kind of sets. 

I printed the: 

I put them in a sheet protector and used dry erase markers so we could use them over and over again. Little One's favorite was the Vet Clinic set. She said she likes it because she likes to take care of the pets! 


Friday Videos!


Justin Baldoni, an actor on Jane The Virgin and his wife had probably the cutest and tear jerking pregnancy announcements ever. Their entire family and friends were legitimately happy. 

Then there's the Ingrid Michaelson "Time Machine" music video which is pretty funny! Also, can I just say how cool she is?

I had a My Drunk Kitchen marathon last night and this one was one of my favs!

Have you guys watched anything funny/neat this week?
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